Version 1.3.1

hdr software Mac Os X

- Ability to display the layer masks in red overprint.
- Fix a regression concerning certain color profiles.
- Reduce the strength of the eraser.
- Minor improvements.
- Preparing for macOS Sierra.
Answer to Alisha Diane's feedback (US App Store): temperature/tint slider and brush added to the road map. They will be available in a next release. ;)

Version 1.1.0

Introduction of brush retouching with exposure blending directly on your HDR images!!!
But there’s even more to the new version:
- The brush editing allows you to correct exposure, contrast, and saturation.
- From now on projects have integrated Quick Look preview so you use the Finder to view in real time without even having to open the software.
- The Quick Look rendering, with its bracketed images, can also be exported in 1024 pixel jpeg.
- Aperture bracketing is now allowed.
- Time bracketing is now allowed (HDR by improving signal-to-noise).

New brush edition tool for perfect render.

Quick Look support for fast and smart preview with Finder.

Export your Quick Look preview as a 1024 pixel jpeg.

Time bracketing (HDR by improving signal-to-noise).

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